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UT Medical Group, Inc.'s department of Radiology includes nationally and internationally renowned, board-certified physicians specializing in the use of many techniques to diagnose diseases, injuries, and other medical conditions. Radiology physicians consult and work closely with other medical departments.

UTMG Radiology Subspecialties and Techniques include:

UT Medical Group Department of Radiology physicians practice at the office locations throughout Memphis, as well as maintaining privileges at the major hospital systems in Memphis, including

Patients are usually referred to Radiologists by other physicians and often may not meet the Radiologist who works on their case. 

Germantown Imaging Center

The Germantown Imaging Center is closed.  Please contact Radiology for images and reports at 901-448-6607.

Transfer of Mammography Records

To request and authorize that UT Medical Group, Inc. release your mammogram studies and reports, please download, print out and fill out this pdf: Authorization For Permanent Transfer of Mammography Records and mail it to:

UT Medical Group, Inc.
Department of Radiology

Chandler Building, F152C
865 Jefferson Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38163-2135

or fax it to 901-448-7067.